The Frost Blankets Are Coming Off!

Perennials bursting into growth in the courtyard

Spring clean-ups are a great time to take stock in the garden. While you tidy up beds for the spring flush of growth, why not start a list of perennial needs for the upcoming season?

We are uncovering a large inventory of fully vernalized perennials for shade and sun. These have been over-wintered here at the nursery. These plants are ready for planting as long as the soil is workable. Our vendors will be shipping a wide variety of the best quality stock to us during the upcoming weeks to further expand our selection. If you have special requests or need quantities of particular varieties, please let us know – we are always happy to order in what you need.


Salix integra ‘Hakuru Nishiki’ – Dappled Willow twigs
Magnolia X Soulangiana Buds

Beach Grass

Ammophiila breviligulata.  This is the native beach grass used to stabilize and beautify dunes and other stretches of very sandy soil.  Because beach grass is usually used in large quantities, it is most often planted as either bare root (culms) or small rooted plugs.

Availability for bare root material is restricted to times when it is completely dormant; In the spring March though mid May and after mid September in the fall.  The stalks are typically planted at a rate of 2 per hole with 1 foot square spacing.  Rooted plugs are actively growing and make a quicker initial showing, at a slightly higher cost.  They are also planted at 1 foot square spacing, at a rate of one per hole.  6 inch pots and one gallon pots are sometimes available.

Of course, any of these can be planted more densely, which is recommended in high erosion situations.

In all cases, the root zone of the grass must meet moisture to grow.  Because of the sensitivity of coastal environments to over-fertilizing, no fertilizer is recommended for beach grass when planted in an area where it would be native.

Beach grass may also be inter-planted with other native species to increase beauty and biodiversity.

We Are Open For The Season

Signs of Spring are beginning to appear!   Temperatures in the forties prevailed this week and the long range forecast looks warm and clear for the next week.  The nursery is open for the season, with plenty of great plant material in stock already. Throughout the spring we will be adding to our inventory to cover all of your plant needs.

Drop in to say hello soon!  During March we are open Mon-Fri 8:00 to 5:00 and by appointment on the weekend.

Check out the photos below of some stock from the yard.

Salix Matsudana ‘Scarlet Curls’ and Blue Skies
Salix Discolor









Not Quite Ready For Planting?

Early spring is a great time to top dress perennial and shrub beds.

All Nantucket soils will benefit from the addition of organic matter, whether they be the sandy, lean soils on Eel Point Road or the pockets of clay found in ‘Sconset. MooDoo, composted cow manure,  is an ideal source of organic matter that helps build the soil that feeds our plants.  We offer it in conveniently sized bags, ready to go and easy to apply.


PineSpruceMulch cropped for web
Pine and Spruce Mulch
FundyBlendcropped for web
Enriching Mulch with Seaweed

Early Season Planting Is Ideal For Trees & Shrubs

Check out the photos below of stock that will ship to the nursery during the upcoming months.

Late Winter/Early Spring is an ideal time to plant most trees and shrubs. At this point in the season plants are either entirely dormant or largely inactive. Early planting insures minimal transplant stress and allows time for substantial root development prior to the arrival of warm temperatures and drier soil conditions.

Juniperus Virginiana ‘Glauca’ 6′
Hydrangea Macrophylla ‘Nikko Blue 4″
Cryptomeria ‘Yoshino’ 8′
Princeton Elms
Princeton Elms