Plant Your Seasonal Greenery

Professional landscapers and home owners alike, often buy branches of greenery and berries to decorate Island homes for the holidays. The variety of items available commercially is varied, but can become expensive if you have a lot of decorating to do.

If you have some room, why not consider growing your own? We offer a huge variety of evergreen trees and shrubs at the Nursery for sale. Leyland Cypress, Cedar, Pine, Juniper, Fir and Spruce trees make a great addition to Nantucket landscapes. Fortunately, all of these trees can use a little pruning from time to time to keep a neat, dense habit. Why not do your pruning now and enjoy the branches? Evergreens are well on their way to full dormancy, so have no fear, borrow as many branches as you need, while maintaining a balanced tree.

While you’re at it, consider adding some plants with red berries, as well. Holly is the perfect combination of lustrous green foliage and deep-red berries. Another great plant for berries is Winter berry.  Plant winter berry in front of larger evergreen trees in the garden.  The green backdrop shows off the red berries in plantings just as when it is cut and made into garlands, wreaths and swags.

Greens and Berry Display