Hybrid Rosa rugosa

I’d dare to say that Rosa rugosa is the most widely planted species of rose on Nantucket.  The plain species form has a gorgeous deep pink, single flower; however there are many hybrids to consider as well.  A single white form, var. alba, has also been selected.

Check out the following cultivars for a little variety in your Rosa rugosa beds:

Rosa rugosa Collage

Rosa rugosa var. alba:  White single flowers

Rosa rugosa ‘Frau Dagmar Hartopp’ aka ‘Fru Dagmar Hastrup’:  Introduced in 1914.  Medium-sized shrub 3-4′ tall.  Single pale pink flowers

Rosa rugosa ‘Hansa’:  Introduced in 1905.  5′ tall shrub.  Large, ruffled, double magenta-purple flowers.

Rosa rugosa ‘Henry Hudson’:  Introduced in 1976.  Short shrub, growing to 2′.  Flattened, double-white flowers.

Rosa rugosa ‘Jens Munk’:  A Canadian introduction, 1974.  Light pink-double flowers.

Rosa rugosa ‘Pink Grootendorst’:  Introduced in 1923.  Taller, upright shrub growing to 5′ or more.  1″ tight, frilled pink flowers.

Rosa rugosa ‘Purple Pavement’:  Introduced in 1983.  Compact, rounded shrub growing to 3′.  Large, semi-double, deep magenta flowers.

Rosa rugosa ‘Snow Pavement’:  Introduced in 1986.  Compact, rounded shrub, growing to 3′.  Large, semi-double, pale pink flowers that  mature to white.

Rosa rugosa ‘Therese Bugnet’:  Introduced in 1941.  Taller, upright shrub growing to 5′.  Red stems.  Medium pink, fully-double flowers.