Planting Containerzed Trees

Trees that are available for purchase at the nursery are grown with several production methods. The larger trees are grown in the field in tree farms, and mechanically harvested with a root ball that is burlapped and often stabilized further with a metal basket. The smaller trees that we offer are generally grown from liner plants in their plastic retail-ready containers.

There are many advantages to planting a smaller, containerized tree. Because containerized trees have their entire root system in place, there is minimal risk of transplant shock. Risk of damage during shipping and receiving is also much less, as a narrow canopy with young, supple branches is more easily handled than a large one with brittle branches. Smaller trees also have more time to acclimate to weather and soil conditions in our area before they reach mature size, giving them a leg up on mature balled and burlapped trees.

Check out our YouTube video on planting a tree grown in a container: