Nursery Visit Procedures

By Appointment Shopping

  1. Please call the nursery at (508) 228-6828 or send an email to to schedule your appointment time to visit the nursery.
  2. On the day of your scheduled appointment arrive at the SHN back gate and please call (508) 228-6828 and let us know that you are here. An SHN salesperson will direct you on where to park.
  3. All customers will be required to wear a mask when on site and adhere to 6 feet social distancing requirements.
  4. Access to all buildings on site is prohibited to customers at this time.
  5. By appointment shopping visits are restricted to two non-staff individuals per group
  6. No pets are allowed on site at this time.
  7. For an efficient visit, please review your shopping goals before your visit with the staff member that will assist you. Our current online inventory can serve as a useful guide for what is in stock.
  8. At the end of your nursery visit a pickup time will be established for items that you are unable to take with you and an order will be emailed to you. All customer purchases are COD currently. We can maintain a “card on file” using NCR Securepay and can set this up in advance of your visit.